If your horse is sired by one of the Young Guns League Stallions, your horse is eligible for nomination.

Only ONE nomination payment is due per calendar year per horse. Nomination payments are non-transferrable (meaning you can not transfer payment to another horse) and non-refundable.

All horses need to be nominated every year to remain eligible to compete at the Young Guns League Barrel Race.

Nomination Schedule:
$200 due by Aug 1 OR $300 due by Dec 1
If you do not pay your foal in by the Dec 1 deadline of the year they are born, they will only be eligible for nomination into the Young Guns League by utilizing the late payment option if they are under 4 (see below).

There is a missed/late payment option for horses that were not nominated the first year of eligibility or have missed a nomination payment. Horses must be late paid before the start of their 4-yr-old year. Yearly nomination payments will be due to maintain your horse’s eligibility to run at the Young Guns League Race

$2,000 / due by Dec 31 (of their 3 yr old year)


For the entire life of your horse, if you wish to run at the Young Guns League Race, they will need to be paid in yearly. (Example: Weanling $200 + Yearling $200 + 2 yr old $200 + 3 yr old $200 + 4 yr old $200 + 5 yr old $200 = $1200 + Entry Fee for the Young Guns League Race)

Any horse nominated into the Young Guns League will need to pay $200 yearly to remain eligible to run at the Young Guns League Barrel Race for future years.

$200 nomination for all horses are due by Aug 1.  If you miss this deadline the fee will be $300 due by Dec 1. AQHA registration papers are not needed at the time of nomination but we require that you email a copy of the papers to [email protected] when you get them.

In the case of stallions leaving the program or dying –> Within any given year, if you have nominated your horse and continue to pay your nominations yearly, your horse will always be eligible to run in the Young Guns League Barrel Race.

Example — > ‘Stallion X’ sired horses are eligible to run at the Young Guns League Barrel Race as long as they are nominated into the program each year starting in 2018 or each year of their life. If ‘Stallion X’ drops out of the Young Guns League Stallions list, your foal will be eligible to run at the Young Guns Leaguee Barrel Race as long as ‘Stallion X’ was Young Guns League eligible the year your foal was conceived. Foal must be nominated based on schedule outlined above.

If your horse is sired by a new stallion that has been added to the Young Guns League, you will be able to nominate horses of any age sired by these ‘new’ stallions within the year they are added to the program ONLY. $200 Nomination Fee is due Aug 1 or $300 by Dec 1.


*In the case where a horse is not/cannot be registered: a DNA test will need to be provided by the horse owner with nomination/entry form(s) & the stallion owner will be contacted by the Young Guns League office to verify parentage and confirm that all breeding payments have been made to the stallion owner.


*If you are wanting to nominate a foal that is the result of a rebreed to a stallion who is no longer enrolled in Young Guns League you will need to provide a copy of the breeding contract and a letter from the stallion owner verifying that the foal was a result of a rebreed from the year the stallion was enrolled in Pink Buckle.

If you have any Nomination questions please email [email protected]